Saturday, June 18, 2016

I am the Monarch Lady.  Self proclaimed watcher, supporter and spokesperson for all things Monarch.  My yard is full of Milkweeds, and butterfly friendly plants.  I look for butterflies, caterpillars and eggs in my garden on a regular basis.  So far (June 18, 2016)  I have possibly seen one Monarch fly by, but not stop long enough for me to even identify it as a Monarch.

I am very concerned about environmental effects on our pollinators!  We ALL need to become involved and learn how to save Monarchs and Bees before they disappear forever!

I would like to share my knowledge of raising Monarch butterflies from egg to caterpillar to adult butterfly with all who will indulge me, and I will post photos from my own experiences.

My family recently visited the Piedra Herrada Monarch reserve in the Mountains west of Mexico city and saw one of the overwinter sites for our Northern Monarchs.  It was a life changing event for me!  It was like being in a snowglobe of Monarchs.  Something I will never forget and it renewed by determination to educate anyone who will listen to me about saving these beautiful butterflies!

Piedra Herrada Monarch reserve

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  1. Congratulations Jean on your new blog. I too have a garden full of Milkweed. We are all waiting patiently :)