Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August is here!

August is here.  That means that the fall migration will soon be underway!  The caterpillars that hatch into butterflies from now on are the ones that will make the 3,000 mile journey to the mountains in Mexico!  It is very important that if you are trying to raise Monarchs that we take care to ensure their survival and send them on their way.  The latest caterpillar that I found last year was in the middle of September, so we still have a month left to find and protect those caterpillars!  Also if you have milkweeds in your yard please do not pull them out or destroy them without assurance there are no eggs or caterpillars on the leaves.  I will have milkweed seeds available in a few weeks if you are interested in planting them for next season.  They either need to be planted this fall or left outdoors in a garage or someplace cold until spring.  As I mentioned in a previous blog I have discovered these You-tube videos by Mrlundscience that have much valuable information about milkweeds, caterpillars and raising butterflies.....check him out!
Until next time....happy caterpillar hunting!
Save the Monarch!

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