Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Save the Monarchs! Save the Milkweeds!

Saving the Monarchs starts with people using their voices to educate others about the lifecycle and needs of these beautiful creatures.  I was very disturbed yesterday while I watched a lawncare company MOW down a field of Milkweeds!  They were not being sprayed, which is a good thing!  However those Milkweeds likely were home to caterpillars that likely will never survive now.  So if you know people that run lawncare companies they need to be educated not to destroy milkweeds, especially in August and early September.  The destruction/elimination of Milkweeds are of primary explanation why Monarchs are on the decline.  On the bright side, I am noticing milkweeds in gardens everywhere I go.  So if you are growing Milkweeds....YAY!  Let them grow until after first frost.  Check them for caterpillars.  Protect those little caterpillars!  We are making a difference, but the declining numbers are staggering!  If for every 100 butterflies that fly to Mexico in October, only 5 survive to make it back north in the spring, that means that we need to increase those numbers significantly!  It is truly survival of the fittest, so the more fit Monarchs we can send to Mexico the more will return.  Mowing down the milkweeds does not insure survival no matter how fit the caterpillar!  Use your voice to educate those who don't know that Milkweeds are of Vital importance to the survival of Monarchs!
Save the Monarchs!  Grow and protect Milkweeds.

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